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The Killing of a Chinese Bookie - 1976

In order to pay off a gambling debt to the mob Vitelli agrees to kill a Chinese unknown to him Against all odds he succeeds in killing the man but he gets severely wounded during his flight But the gangsters turn against him as they had not expected him to survive the assassination and Vitelli is forced to kill these men too Ben Gazzara delivered … Continue

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Poker for Dummies - 2004

Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImagePoker, the mainstay game of card sharks throughout the US and the world, has gained immense popularity as more and more people play casual games with their families, compete in local tournaments, and become enthralled by televised professional and celebrity tournaments. For beginning players, and more advanced players who want to sharpen their game, POKER FOR DUMMIES offers solid instruction on different types of games, including Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold'em, and tips from professional players.

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